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Welcome to the Dragon Quest X wiki! This information resouce is here to facilitate non-Japanese Dragon Quest fans who want to experience this yet-to-be-localized MMO. If you're looking to get your start on the game, check out

  • Buying and subscribing
  • Character creation

Remember: Dragon Quest X has a free, non-timed trial up to level 20 with slight restrictions! You can try it out and decide if the language barrier is too much for you before committing to a purchase and subscription. There is also an IP block for overseas connections so you will need VPN software, which will be explained in a guide.

If you're looking on combat information, check out the vocations for information on the class system and skills sections to learn about weapon skills and passive stat enhancements. Otherwise, flip over to the guides tab!

All the information you are looking for in order to alleviate your Dragon Quest X experience.

And on the side you can try reading over:

Welcome to the Dragon Quest X Wiki! No clever name, for now. This was created by Washy (known as Gigglepuffy) with graphical and general assistance by Andy (also called Klobstrosity). So far we will be translating, collecting, and organizing all we can about the game using Japanese resources. Not much to say at the moment. This is probably a placeholder too!